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Tracing a Sewing Pattern

Tracing a Sewing Pattern

So you’ve got your pattern home from the shop, carefully unfurl the pattern sheet but then what?

You could chop into the sheet, cutting out the pieces in your size.. But, what happens if you fancy making it again in a bigger size? You’ll have discarded the rest of the paper.

So, instead of merrily cutting into the pattern sheet, bring in you roll of Swedish Tracing Paper, lay it over the sheet on the kitchen table or the floor and trace the pattern pieces in the size you need. Remember to make a note on the tracing of the size and all the little notches and markings you’ll need.

As a bonus you can easily adjust these newly traced pieces to suit your shape, a bit of masking tape and a good adjustment tutorial  and away you go! Just remember to stow away your bespoke pattern pieces so you can easily make yourself a version in a different colour when it becomes your favourite!

Love the baked bean pattern weights?! I’ve even made a little video, and they are the stars of the show!