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Pin Cushion Project

Pin Cushion Project

This cute pincushion is a great way to use up pretty scraps, or you could use a single fussy cut fabric for the centre if you prefer. It’s a quick and easy make so you can knock one up in no time. We have some gorgeous purple ergonomic pins which would look great in this pincushion.


A fat eight of fabric for the front corners and backing. I used Art Gallery Fabrics's Mystical Land collection by Maureen Cracknell.

Assorted scraps (6 x 1.5 by 4.5 inches) for front

Toy stuffing or crushed nut shells for the filling

Cutting instructions

Backing fabric – Cut 4 x 3.5 inch squares and 1 x 4.5 x 6.5 inch rectangle

Scraps – Cut 6 x 1.5 by 4.5 inch rectangles

Seam Allowance – ¼ an inch

Choose a layout for your scraps, bearing in mind that the first and last scrap in the row will barely be visible on the finished pincushion.

Sew the scraps together using a ¼ an inch seam allowance, and press the seams open.

Take your 3.5 inch squares and draw a diagonal line across each with a chalk pen

With your scrappy rectangle facing upwards place one of the squares into the bottom corner, aligning with the side and bottom edge. The diagonal line should go from midway down one side to midway across the other. Stitch along the line.

Trim ¼ an inch past the line you just sewed, cutting off the corner. Fold out the fabric triangle and press away from the scrappy panel.

Repeat this process for each corner, ensuring you trim and press each triangle outwards before you sew the next corner.

Once all 4 corners are added, if it needs trimming trim it to 4.5 by 6.5 inches.

Put the backing fabric right sides together with your front panel. Mark a chalk line 1.5 inches long on one of your sides with chalk.

Wonder clip or pin around the edge to hold the 2 pieces together. Sew right around the edge, leaving the line marked by chalk unsewn. You will use this to turn the pin cushion through.

Clip the corners then use the gap you left to turn the pin cushion right sides out. Use a point turner to poke out the corners. Press to remove any creases from the turning process.

Stuff the pincushion with toy stuffing or crushed nut shells. I used toy stuffing for mine, I found a point turner came in useful for getting the stuffing right into the corners.

Sew the gap closed then your pincushion is ready to use. Why not order some of our new easy grip pins to use with your pin cushion?