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Eco Friendly Sewing projects

Eco Friendly Sewing projects

We're all becoming much more conscious about our impact on the planet and the environment and many of us are looking for ways to reduce that impact. At Patterntrace we use eco-friendly packaging, our paper products are all made in a local mill plus our Patterntrace Swedish Tracing Paper is compostable!  We've found several eco-friendly sewing projects which can help you make a difference.

Reusable kitchen roll

This is a really quick make which can help make a big difference. Find the tutorial over on the Sewing Bee Fabrics website. I made 10 of these last year, backing them with an old towel and use them all the time. Not only has it reduced my paper usage but it also saves money too as I now rarely buy kitchen roll.

Beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps are rapidly becoming the popular alternative to cling film, reducing down our reliance on plastic. Plus you can use your favourite fabrics so it makes you smile when you open the fridge/your lunchbox. There's a tutorial on how to make them here.


Another quick and easy make. Instead of using paper napkins why not make a selection of cloth ones? This tutorial from Crafty For Home tells you how.

Reusable snack bags
A great project for using up any offcuts of waterproof fabrics. These handy snack bags replace the need for plastic zip lock bags. The project can be found on the Closet Case Patterns blog.
Reusable Face pads
Like the reusable kitchen roll this project is another great one for using up an old towel. These face pads are ideal for makeup removal, or cleansing. Find the instructions here.
Reusable bowl covers
Another great way of avoiding cling film is to make these re-usable bowl covers. They are made from oilcloth which is a wipe clean waterproof fabric, which is also safe to go through the washing machine too. The tutorial can be found here.
Fold up tote
Avoid paying for plastic bags when you go shopping by sewing a few of these fold up totes to pop into your handbag. They fold up nice and neat for easy storage but are sturdy enough to carry plenty of shopping.

Dish sponges

Pop over to the A Rose in a Tinted World blog to learn how to make these zero waste dish scrubbers using your scraps. 

There we have it, several great eco-friendly projects, the question is which will you make first? 

By the way did you know that our Swedish Tracing Paper, Patterntrace is eco friendly too? It's compostable, so pop your off cuts into the compost bin rather than throwing them away.