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Using Washi tape when sewing

Using Washi tape when sewing
We have decided to start selling a range of pretty washi tapes as washi comes in so useful in so many ways when you are sewing. We’ve round up our favourite uses for it below, if you have any others please do comment and let us know.

To label fabric pieces

Help keep track of the front and back, left sleeve and right sleeve etc by writing the name of the piece onto washi tape and sticking it onto your fabric. Because washi tape doesn’t leave behind any residue and isn’t as sticky as Sellotape it’s easy to apply and to remove.

To hold pattern pieces onto fabric when cutting out

If you have issues with you pattern pieces shifting whilst you are cutting out, or don’t have pins or pattern weights to hand simple use washi tape to hold them into place whilst you cut out.

To use as a seam guide

You can stick a strip of washi tape to your needle plate along the seam allowance line you need for your project. It’s much more visible, and means you don’t have to keep checking you are lining your fabric up with the correct line.

To tape pieces of Patterntrace together

As you’ll see in this blog post I use Washi tape to hold my pattern pieces together when I’m drafting patterns with PatterntracePatterntrace can be sewn together too but washi tape allows me to attach pieces quickly, and to play around with the placement. You can also stick together the patterns you’ve traced with Patterntrace. 

Marking your rulers

If you for example have a 6.5 inch quilting ruler but regularly find yourself cutting 5 inch squares use washi tape along the 5 inch lines to make it quicker and easier to line up your fabric for cutting.

To seal our pattern storage envelopes

Although our new pattern storage envelopes come with a peel and seal closure we prefer to use washi tape on those we’ll be opening frequently.

To mark a new hemline

Instead of pinning up a hem, use washi tape to mark the line you need. This is particularly useful when measuring the hem on children’s clothing as this eliminates the risk of pin pricks.

To hold vinyl in place whilst sewing it

You can’t use pins when sewing with vinyl because it leaves permanent holes in the vinyl. So washi tape is ideal for holding vinyl into place whilst you sew it. Again the lack of residue left behind is a real advantage as it won’t leave your vinyl sticky. For a vinyl project check out our Spoolpod case tutorial(shown above).

Marking your quilting lines

If you are planning to do straight line quilting rather than marking your fabric with pens or chalk why not stick washi tape on it instead and sew along the edge? Simply peel off when you are finished.

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