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Benefits of using Swedish Tracing Paper

Benefits of using Swedish Tracing Paper

Swedish tracing paper is made from eco-friendly abaca fibres which makes it more tear resistant than regular paper but at the same time keeping a transparency which allows you to easily trace your sewing patterns.  We wanted to share with you 12 great reasons to use Patterntrace, our Swedish Tracing Paper:

1 – It is fibrous paper, like a light interfacing, so easier to manipulate than printer paper.

2 – It is translucent so you can easily trace the pattern beneath it.

3 – It is a metre wide, ideal for large dressmaking patterns, no more taping pieces together.

4 – You can use it to draft patterns, why not place it over your cutting board so you can see the grid underneath to help guide you.

5 – It comes in 10m rolls, enough for several patterns

6 – You can use it to make pattern alterations ensuring a good fit

7 – You can iron it (with a cool iron – I use the silk setting on mine) to remove creases, so feel free to fold up your patterns to store them so they don’t take too much space.

8 – You can sew it to make toiles, or 3d versions of bag patterns etc. No special needle or thread needed, just sew it as you would cotton fabric.

9 – You can use it to trace multiple sizes off a pattern – preserving the expensive original pattern.

10 – It’s easy to write on, use a pencil, chalk or pen, it’s not shiny and slippery like regular tracing paper so much easier to label or transfer pattern markings.

11 – It is made from Abaca fibres which means it is compostable and environmentally friendly 

12 – It’s made in the UK!

Do you want to try Patterntrace? You can get a full 10m roll here.  Plus don’t forget if you sign up to our newsletter you’ll get a 15% off discount code!