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Sewing Room Organisation

Sewing Room Organisation
We confess, we love organising!  We’re always looking for solutions to make our sewing room more organised and our supplies easier to find and use. Why waste time rummaging through to find what you need when you could be sewing instead? The urge to organise is what lead to the invention of many of our products, so let us tell you more about them below so you can get your sewing room organised too.

Organise your thread and bobbins with Spoolpods

SpoolPods, was born from the frustration of never being able to find the matching bobbin when changing thread! Having them stored in a draw or tin they get all tangled up and rummaging through to match the bobbin colour to the spool just makes it worse (thread nest anyone?)

So the idea for a product that would allow you to store your thread with the matching bobbin lead to SpoolPods.  To help avoid the trailing thread problem SpoolPods are made from silicone so they grip the spool and bobbin meaning they won’t move around in the case or fall out, so there will be no unravelling! Plus the flexibility of the silicone means it will stretch to fit reels of thread from different brands, Gutermann, Coats, Aurifil etc.

If you have several SpoolPods and want to carry them to sewing groups or workshops then why not make our SpoolPod pouch project?

Organise your sewing patterns with our pattern storage envelopes

Our most popular sewing organisation product is our sewing pattern storage envelopes. These sturdy large envelopes allow you to store your original and traced pattern together, or to keep pdf patterns neat and organised. What’s more there’s space on the front for notes so you can keep track of any modifications you need to make.

More about our sewing pattern storage envelopes here. 

Track and plan your projects with our Maker’s Workbooks

It’s not just physical supplies we wanted to organise, but also our project and future sewing plans too. The Maker’s Workbooks (sewingknitting and quilting versions available) were the first of our organising products. They allow you to keep track of the projects you’ve made, plan out and design future ones and contain useful reference guides for you too.

If you get through a lot of projects or want to store extra notes with your workbook we have a tutorial for adding a pocket to the back of your book on our blog.

Sort your stash with our fabric swatch book!

Let’s face it many of us have large fabric stashes and it can get tricky to remember what we have and where we stored it. Plus what about when you want to buy more of a particular fabric but can’t remember where you purchased it?  Our fabric swatch book resolves all these issues. You can insert a swatch of your fabric, note the fabric type and composition, where you purchased it, how much you have and where you’ve stashed it. Meaning instead of rummaging through all your fabrics when planning projects you can simply flick through your fabric swatch book instead.

We have a more detailed post telling you all about the fabric swatch book here. Plus if you have a large stash you can buy extra inserts here.

Organise your sewing machine needles with our needle store

Our newest sewing organisation product is the needle store. This recycled plastic box has 8 handy compartments for storing sewing machine needles in (although hand needles fit too) and comes with a sheet of stickers so you can label the compartments by needle type and/or size. Plus there’s a fuzzy circle in each compartment to hold your used needles away from the unused ones.

We also have a handy needle guide, and sell a range of needles for your sewing machine.

Get organised for your shopping trips with our garment planner notepad

No more getting to the fabric shop then not remembering quite how much fabric you need, or what size zip you require for the project you were planning to make. With our garment planner notepad you can write down exactly what fabric, notions and threads you need, then tear off the sheet and pop it in your bag when you head to the shops.

Here’s some extra project planning tips for you.